On Saturday March 16th, the ESAIP Engineering School organized the 2nd edition of the CTF Hack Challenge, at their premises in Saint-Barthelemy d’Anjou (France).

Endorsed by the French Navy and the Directorate General of Armaments, the CTF is a hack competition open to all students who are passionate about IT security.

The event gathered more than a hundred attendees to compete against each other around challenges set by the ESAIP’s engineering students themselves.

EC-Council, partner with the ESAIP school for eight years, sponsored the CTF ESAIP Hack Challenge for the second year in a row by providing the CEH(Practical) exam to the winning candidates.

The C|EH (Practical), is the World’s First Ethical Hacking Industry Readiness Assessment, that Is 100% Verified, Online, Live and Proctored. It tests an appearing candidate in a 6-hour, rigorous exam that requires one to demonstrate the application of ethical hacking techniques to solve a security audit challenge.

Among the 27 teams, the four members of the first winning team called “Mini Kube” received an entry to LeHack conference and a CEH Practical exam, delighting students like Alan: “As an intern working in the audit area, I can’t wait to start this training. »

This competition is an opportunity for EC-Council to support future hackers by giving them support in their training path through the prizes awarded.

This event was a real opportunity to increase ECC’s visibility by making people discover their training courses, but for some attendee ECC wasn’t a discovery. As for Maxime, a member of the winning team: “Yes, I knew ECC before. *I followed the cryptography certification I won last year. It was a good introduction.*”

The performance of the organizing team seems unanimous, described as “a great and quality team” by all the winners”.

The CTF ESAIP Hack Challenge seems to be on the rise with the number of attendees doubling from 58 to 108 in a matter of a year: a good sign for future editions.

See you in 2020!