ICT Days in Italy - Dgroove

Dgroove partners with Università di Trento during the ICT Days to introduce the Penetration Tester career.

On March 13th, Dgroove joined the last day of the dedicated event « White Hacking Workshop » during ICT Days, organized at Università degli Studi di Trento.

EC-Council (global leader in IT Security training and certification) and partner of ITGnosis, supports the initiative for ICT Days by creating a dedicated banner for the event: « EC-Council and Dgroove proudly support the ICT Days at University of Trento ».

The main purpose of this participation by EC-Council, was to talk about IT Security. Simone Bovi, Dgroove’s trainer and a CEI (Certified EC-Council Instructor), a speaker for the event, shared his knowledge and his personal career path to become a professional Penetration Tester.

After having quickly questioning the students on the difference between a Hacker and a Penetration Tester, the trainer really detailed the Penetration Tester job (explaining what it is, what is tested, which tools…). This allowed him to introduce the knowledge, capabilities and soft skill needed for a Security Consultant like him.

After that, Simone Bovi talked about his personal background, from his studies, with extra activities (online classes, reading a bibliography dedicated to application security, etc) to his professional career, quickly highlighting the value of the experience.

Further to this the trainer showed the students some attacks on data management applications (SQL Injection), along with the demonstration of common tools to use, which the students loved.

Simone Bovi concluded talking about the CTF – Capture the Flag – Security contest, which, to him, is an excellent way of learning and finding new vulnerabilities (like it happened to him). Discovering new flaws in applications or networks is positively an opportunity to report on the CV or on the LinkedIn profile.

A room of 40 students understood the importance of this new profession, thanks to the speaker’s capability and empathy to share the fundamental concepts on the matter.

As someone who could relate to the student, he could easily capture the attention of the audience and knew what they were expecting.