Feedback from HIP19!

For the 9th time in a row, we have been proud to be an official sponsor during the 9th edition of Hack In Paris. This year, more than 700 attendees were present at La Maison de La Chimie all along this 5 days event.

Hack In Paris, one of the most famous hacking event in France, played the innovation card by offering an exclusive program which gave even more interest to the conference:

  • Various workshops which achieved great success. Some of them had to be duplicated in order to allow more people to participate! The connected house is the workshop that raised most enthusiasm by far.

  • The Wargame

  • And for the really first time, the Hacker Jeopardy, presented by Winn Schwartau, gathered 6 teams of 3 people, asking general knowledge questions and cheered on by a large public.

HIP 19 HIP 19 HIP 19

In collaboration with Yogosha, HIP temporary transfered the event on the Quais de la Seine aboard Concorde Atlantique during one collective night. Staff, speakers, trainers and attendees were gathered there to celebrate and enjoy the Live Hack Event, in aid of Amnesty International.

Probably one of the best editions ever organized so far, IT Gnosis team would like to thank Sysdream, event organizer, for this amazing edition.

We also would like to thank our partners, the new ones as much as the old ones, to come, visit us and talk about our offers around EC Council and University of Dallas trainings.

See you next year!