CPENT: Discover EC-Council's latest certification

On Monday, October 12, 2020, EC-Council officially launched its latest certification: CPENT, Certified Penetration Testing Professional, to replace ECSA training and certification. But what’s new about it?

What is CPENT?

CPENT is an extensive and advanced penetration testing program that culminate in a brand new 24-hours remote and practical exam hosted on CyberQ, EC-Council Cyber Range platform.

CPENT provides the capability to assess a pen tester’s skills across a broad spectrum of “network zones” with each zone representing a distinct type of testing.

CPENT training was developed for Penetration Testers, Ethical Hackers, Information Security Consultants, Network Server Administrators, Firewall & System Administrators & Risk Assessment Professionals.

What is new in CPENT?

The CPENT training is unlike any other Penetration Testing program available in the market nowadays.

  • CPENT includes advances Windows attacks with PowerShell or other bypass techniques.
  • Students attacks IOT systems by locating and gaining access to the network and identifying the firmware of the IOT device.
  • The exam is broken into either two 12-hours sessions each or a single 24-hours exam
  • Candidates who will score more than 70% will earn the CPENT certification
  • Candidates who will score more than 90% will earn the LPT (Master) and CPENT certification.
  • During the exam, the candidates will have to answer 10 questions and submit a written Pen-testing report.
  • Access Hidden Networks with Pivoting and Double Pivoting

What are CPENT benefits?

  • 100% mapped with the NICE framework.
  • Provides strong reporting writing guidance.
  • Gives a real-world experience through an Advanced Penetration Testing Range.
  • Blends both manual and automated penetration testing approaches.
  • CPENT is the 1st certification in the world to teach IoT attacks

And now, what are you waiting for? Become a CPENT!