EC-Council & Global Knowledge: Supporting Spanish jobseekers

EC-Council & Global Knowledge: Supporting the professional reintegration of Spanish jobseekers with IT Security training

For several months now, EC-Council (via its exclusive distributor IT-Gnosis) has been involved in a social project, in collaboration with the Comunidad de Madrid and Global Knowledge, a partner for 4 years.

The CFTIC, located in the south area of Madrid, is a training center for job seekers who want to boost or redirect their professional career through short IT-oriented training courses, such as the ECSS (EC-Council Certified Security Specialist) training especially designed for beginners and covering the fundamentals in three main domains, ie Ethical hacking, Network Security and Forensics.

In this project, IT training and certification company Global Knowledge (Spain) provides the CFTIC with their certified and accredited trainers, including Francisco Sepúlveda who, according to M.V., 42 years old : “explains with clarity, solves the doubts with patience and you can see that he masters the syllabus, any question you ask him he solves it immediately" and A.C., 46 years old, “I couldn’t be happier with Francisco […] you can see that he is passionate about teaching and has updated knowledge in the subject”.

“Compared to other similar courses, this has been the best without a doubt. I am very satisfied with both CFTIC and Global Knowledge… and above all with the teacher, who has dedicated himself to making the most of the time, also offering us additional practices to leave better trained.” - M.V

Some of the attendees have accepted to testify and share with us their experience within the CFTIC. The reasons for participating in such a training are numerous: for professional opportunities, to diversify their skills, to get a better job, to give added value to their CV, etc. E.M., a 47-year-old attendee, explains: “Since I was young, I have been passionate about the world of cybersecurity. I remember when I was a student, I used to keep some diskette on which I would introduce viruses to study them in more depth in an isolated environment. I was fascinated to see how they were able to infect devices. I think I still have some of them.”

Although most of them did not know EC-Council before, they all hope that this certification can boost their professional insertion, as confirmed by M.V., 42 years old, “it could help a lot to get started in a new business field."

ECSS, EC-Council Certified Security Specialist, is a combination of CEH, CHFI and CND that allows students to improve their skills in three different areas:

  • Information security
  • Network security
  • Computer forensics.

This training allows students to gain a foothold in the world of computer security and acquire basic knowledge, as E.M. ” I think it provides, overall, adequate knowledge in terms of security. It helps people to get started and, if they want to, they can go deeper."

After 120 hours of training in specially equipped and furnished premises, the trainees were able to acquire skills and knowledge useful in their daily lives, as confirmed by J.T.: “the course has enabled me to secure my home network”.

In conclusion, the participants seem to be very satisfied with the work of the CFTIC: “They are very serious when selecting candidates and follow up on the development of the course […] at CFTIC everything has been more than satisfactory” underlines M.A.

Soon, the CFTIC and Global Knowledge will offer the Certified Ethical Hacker training to further study the ins and outs of cybersecurity and to train ethical hackers in Spain.