Why should you develop Bug Bounty in your schools?

Choosing YesWeHack EDU means embracing a new educational approach.

First of all, do you know what Bug Bounty is?

Bug Bounty is a collaborative concept, which appeared for the first time in 1995 in the United States. It is an alternative method to the usual security audits.

A Bug Bounty is a reward offered by an organization to all those who find security vulnerabilities in a precisely given perimeter, such as a website, an application, an API, etc… In each Bug Bounty, clearly stated rules are to be respected with limits not to be crossed.

The reward varies according to the importance and criticality of the vulnerability found in the system. Obviously, the more critical and well documented the vulnerability is (with a POC and recommendations, for example), the more interesting the reward will be for the hunter.

Compared to security audits, Bug Bounty offers a much more flexible and less expensive approach since it is based on an obligation of result, not of means.

In collaboration with our partner YESWEHACK EDU, we have created an Academic offer with two complementary platforms: a learning platform and a training platform.

Academic Platforms

Why you should choose YESWEHACK EDU for your school?

  • Benefit from 2 complementary platforms for a complete learning experience.

  • The Learning Platform offers your students a complete ecosystem around Bug Bounty. Its objective is to teach the management and treatment of vulnerabilities.

  • The Training platform offers, on 3 levels of difficulty, virtual instances to practice vulnerability scanning.

  • With our platforms, you can teach your students how to set up and manage a Bug Bounty program (on the company side) and also how to search for and treat vulnerabilities (on the hunter side)

  • Benefit from professional documentation and realistic scenarios for a complete training.

With YEWEHACK EDU, choose today to train tomorrow’s hunters!

Interested in developing Bug Bounty in your organization? Do you have any questions? Contact us at the following email address edu@yeswehack.com !