Discover CyberQ, EC-Council's brand new platform

What is CyberQ?

A Cyber Range, that is to say, a simulation platform, where you can train, alone or in team, and thus improve your reaction capabilities in case of cyber crisis. This platform is 100% interactive, customizable, and accessible.

CyberQ is an API specifically designed to measure, develop, and validate the cyber security skills of individuals and teams. Unique in its kind, the CyberQ platform has been designed to meet the needs of the entire cybersecurity profession and the corresponding skills.

Available 24/7, with CyberQ, you can study the fundamentals of cybersecurity, and develop your skills in almost every area: from Vulnerability Analysis to Forensics, Leadership, Coding, Exploitation, Pen-Testing and more.

Who is CyberQ for?

CyberQ was designed for students (alone or in teams), universities, IT professionals, companies, or governments.

For individual

CyberQ brings the full power of a military-grade cyber range, the complexities of enterprise systems, making those environments accessible and affordable to a single student or professional.

For teams

CyberQ can host your cyber competition on CyberQ’s cyber range platform, whether it is a simple CTF or a complex Force-on-Force event, from start to finish.

CyberQ handles every element of the competition from player invitations, roster building, team assignment, team communications, to fully automated systems deployment for game day.

For faculty

Your students can engage the CyberQ platform from anywhere with an internet connection and the learning doesn’t stop when class is over, making it ideal for remote learning environments.

Manage Your Own User Base:

  1. Schedule Your Own Cyber Exercises, Targets, and Flags
  2. Design Your Own Courses
  3. Map Targets to Your Own Course Hierarchy
  4. Design Your Own Question Pools and Exams
  5. Build Your Own Cyber Competitions

For companies and governments

CyberQ for Employers introduces a new innovative cyber range platform-based suite of features that provides employers with a guide to assessing, developing, and investing in their IT and cybersecurity staff. Empower your staff with a robust, fully autonomous Skills Platform, and develop your knowledge in crisis management, risk management, report writing, etc.

What can you do with CyberQ?

CyberQ is a platform specifically designed to measure, develop and validate the cybersecurity skills of individuals and teams.

Mapped to Industry skills framework (NICE/NIST), CyberQ solves a variety of problems by allowing:

  • Fully isolated Student environments pose no risk to the Educator or Student.
  • Ongoing skill development with ready-to-play cyber experiences.
  • Live Targets, Live systems, real attacks.
  • Access STUDIO to build unlimited custom content.
  • Templated exercises, easy to modify and spin up in minute.
  • Advanced API-based reporting provides extensive metrics on student performance.
  • Access to CyberQ MarketPlace to monetize your knowledge throughout the world