Learn about computer security with CSCU

In a matter of months, victim inquiries regarding online scams and frauds have increased. This can be explained by, among other things, an increase in work, video conferencing and online purchases. Unfortunately, it also includes an increase in exposure and risks. Nowadays, no matter who the target is, we are all concerned.

It seems necessary to be aware of the appropriate digital practices to follow in order to protect oneself as well as possible. The CSCU (Certified Secure Computer User) training delivered by EC-Council will provide you with the necessary tools to remain secure.

The objective is to give you all the necessary know-how to effectively protect your personal data on the Internet and on the web.

The CSCU program provides you with a good understanding of existing and emerging cyber threats. You will learn how to recognize and protect yourself from various computer scams such as identity theft, credit card fraud, phishing, viruses, etc. In addition, you will learn how to configure and secure your computer and network to protect your digital data.

Both suitable for employees and students, this training provides you with all the keys to acquire computer skills useful in your daily personal and professional life. In other words, the CSCU was designed for all desktop, laptop, smartphone or tablet users who use the internet and the web. CSCU’s unique objective is to raise awareness and share simple information, without any technical aspects.

Thus, this program is one of the most accessible in the industry, with a minimum age requirement set at 13 years. That’s why CSCU is considered an excellent academic complement, to be integrated directly into the training curriculum. Make your students digitally aware and have them take the CSCU certification at the end of the program, for example. For companies, have your employees take the CSCU exam and make sure the workplace is properly managed and company data is protected.

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