Phosforea, SCASSI’s subsidiary, is a training body specialized in the IT Security awareness and training. Located in Toulouse, Paris and Madrid, we offer differ training methods (on site, e-learning, blended-learning) and we address all cybersecurity subjects: from inexperienced public awareness until security experts’ certification.

For now 10 years SCASSI is a recognized expert in the cybersecurity industry. We handle the risk management for our clients, large accounts from industrial, banking and public sectors. To successfully complete our mission, we reconcile technical expertise and a human factor approach to provide the most adapted answer to our clients’ needs.

In SCASSI we believe that human will become the strong link for your company’s security. Therefore, we developed, through our subsidiary Phosforea, a complete training and awareness offer, in order to give anyone, the necessary knowledge and know-how to protect the whole information system.

The Phosforea catalogue offers adapted trainings at every level of knowledge: from the inexperienced public on cyber subjects, the person you will need to motivate and involve, until the ISS expert to whom you wish to add value to his skills through a recognized certification. The Phosforea offer has been thought for you, on the field every single day. Pragmatic and job-oriented, it will suit your problematic and answer your needs to go up in skills.

The Phosforea catalogue is complete, with 35 cybersecurity trainings covering the following subjects:

  • ISO 27001 trainings
  • Analysis methods and risks management trainings
  • Business continuity trainings
  • Security management trainings
  • Applicative security
  • Security technical trainings

Phosforea is an EC-Council accredited training center, it prepares for the CHFI – Certified Hacking Forensic Investigator – and CEH – Certified Ethical Hacker – certifications.

These certifications allow informatic engineers, information systems director or CISO to get trained on the latest hacking techniques and consequently to foresee cybersecurity threats in companies.