We are trainings specialized professionals. We offer trainings with and without certifications, we are also EC-Council (CEH, CHFI, ECSA) and Cisco (CCNA) teachers. The trainings without certification are adapted following the client’s needs.

For more than 20 years we are IT security experts, becoming a reference in the sector.

Our expertise is recognized, we can accompany you in the implementation of your information system, being technical (pentest), organizational or functional audits. For example, we have been trained by ANSSI on the EBIOS method.

Since the company creation, we bet on a Research & Development cell in order to perform a technological monitoring and to be up-to-date. We have focused our researches on innovative devices and systems that we offer in our audits and trainings. For example, we work on monitoring, RFID and Serval Concept audit tools.

We can offer you monitoring solutions, being for devices, networks or informatic attacks detection. We also provide an all-inclusive box to install in your company which allows the monitoring of your information system by yourself or by us, with a monthly subscription. Our seriousness and our belonging to Cyberdefense National Gendarmery cell prove you our ethical value.