Start a career in cybersecurity with EC-Council's CCT program

Companies and industries are growing increasingly dependent on technology as digital transformation becomes omnipresent in today’s business environment. Consequently, cybersecurity is now relevant for every system, device, and byte of data that organizations rely on to operate.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further augmented the need for skilled cybersecurity professionals to address the crisis organizations are facing as a result of digitalization and rising cybercrime. But according to a report by the Centre for Strategic & International Studies, 82% of employers are facing a shortage of cybersecurity talent

To address the cybersecurity skills gap, EC- Council has developed the Certified Cybersecurity Technician (CCT) certification. The CCT goes beyond teaching fundamental cybersecurity concepts by validating course participants’ IT and cybersecurity skills through extensive hands-on practice and assessment.

Discover EC-Council’s CCT program

EC-Council has developed the CCT to provide individuals starting their careers in IT and cybersecurity with a certification that validates their practical technician-level skills.

The knowledge and skills gained through the CCT can create pathways for further specialization in many cybersecurity domains, including ethical hacking, penetration testing, digital forensics, and application security.

The CCT aims to equip entry-level cybersecurity professionals with the core technical skills they need to pursue and advance in careers as cybersecurity analysts, consultants, engineers, IT administrators, and more.

What does the CCT program offers?

The CCT creates a foundation that enables individuals to grow their skills in specialized domains like penetration testing, security consulting, auditing, and system and network administration.

Cybersecurity technicians provide technical cybersecurity support, troubleshoot network security problems, monitor alerts, and follow relevant policies, procedures, and standards to protect organizations’ information assets.

  • Strong Foundational Coverage

Provides total foundational cybersecurity domain coverage with key concepts in each domain combined with practical hands-on labs and critical thinking challenges producing world-class cyber security technologists.

  • Live Range Experience

The CCT program is delivered on a live Cyber Range utilizing live targets and real attack systems for a truly immersive, real-life practice and assessment platform.

  • Capture the Flag

The CCTcertification offers capture the flag (CTF) style critical thinking challenges to accompany each lab exercise putting knowledge into practice and providing a proven record of skill demonstration.

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