Network Defense Essentials

Defensive Security - Network
Level I - Cyber Novice


Course Description

Essential Series is a free education solution offering instructor-led and hybrid learning education courses for students and professionals alike.

With the EC-Council Essentials Series, our goal is to implement a technician track to teach students and adults of all ages baseline Cybersecurity skills across the following areas:

  • Network Defense (NDE) from the CND certification
  • Ethical Hacking (EHE) from the CEH certification
  • Digital Forensics (DFE) from the CHFI certification

Learning resources including the eBook and video lectures will be offered as MOOC courses so cost is not a barrier to education.

Lab range upgrades will ensure learners are properly understanding the concepts and feel comfortable with range technologies leading into cyber challenges and competition pathways to continuously grow towards desired career pathways.

Who Should Attend

This course will significantly benefit high school students, college students, university students or professionals.

NDE Course – Network Defense Essentials

  • Module 1: Network Security Fondamentals
  • Module 2: Identification, Authentification and Authorization
  • Module 3: Network Security Controls - Administrative Controls
  • Module 4: Network Security Controls - Physical Controls
  • Module 5: Network Security Controls - Technical Controls
  • Module 6: Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Module 7: Wireless Network Security
  • Module 8: Mobile Device Security
  • Module 9: IoT Device Security
  • Module 10: Cryptography and PKI
  • Module 11: Data Security
  • Module 12: Network Traffic Monitoring