EC-Council's CSCU & EHE certifications available in French!

IT security awareness is essential for individuals & professionals in our digital society. In 2023, understanding risks, protecting personal information, navigating safely online & preventing the risk of cyber attacks are priorities in our interconnected world. To meet these needs, EC-Council has developed a number of programs to raise awareness, including CSCU & EHE.

The CSCU course is an IT security certification designed to make users aware of the threats and risks associated with IT security.

The main objective is to provide them with the knowledge and skills they need to use technologies safely and securely. The latest version of this program (v3) contains 6 Lab modules with comprehensive guides & challenges!
CSCUv3 immerses students in an interactive environment where they will assimilate fundamental knowledge of global IT security threats.

The second program available is EHE - Ethical Hacking Essentials!

Based on the CEH certification, it enables students and professionals to discover and learn basic Ethical Hacking skills. The program is suitable for high school students, university students or professionals wishing to start their career in the world of Offensive Security.

Most of the learning resources, including the digital course material and associated videos, are offered free of charge in MOOC format, so that the financial aspect is not an obstacle to accessing this knowledge.

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