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23 Apr 2019

Alhambra promotes CCISO in Bernabeu!

All paths lead to CCISO On April 9, 2019, cybersecurity has been invited to the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium in Madrid! Alhambra-Eidos, our oldest …

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02 Apr 2019

ICT Days in Italy - Dgroove

Dgroove partners with Università di Trento during the ICT Days to introduce the Penetration Tester career. On March 13th, Dgroove joined the last day …

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22 Mar 2019

Feedback from the ESAIP CTF

On Saturday March 16th, the ESAIP Engineering School organized the 2nd edition of the CTF Hack Challenge, at their premises in Saint-Barthelemy …

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08 Mar 2019

ECIHv2 - Overnet Education

OverNet Education is the first EC-Council Italian partner to offer the new version of the ECIH program – EC-Council Incident Handler! As a preview, …

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04 Feb 2019

FIC - 11th edition!

The Cybersecurity International Forum, the most famous cyber event in Europe, once again made a strong impact during its 11th edition, gathering …

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