Our Flagship Freeby: Socks!

At IT-Gnosis, we have an iconic accessory that we like to share at our various events: our French-made socks (Thanks La Manufacture Perrin !).

Aside from their quality and elegance, why choose socks in the cybersecurity field? The answer is simple and surprising. Socks are like passwords: they’re personal and can’t be lent. Just as you wouldn’t lend your socks for reasons of hygiene and comfort, you should never share your passwords for reasons of security and digital hygiene! Just as our socks protect your feet, passwords protect your personal information. Do you change your socks regularly? It’s crucial to renew your passwords frequently to guarantee the security of your data.

And when they have a hole in them, throw them away and replace them!

By distributing our socks at our events, we’d like to remind you of the importance of protecting the confidentiality of your information. At IT-Gnosis, security starts with the little things you do every day.

Join us at our next events, where you can leave with a pair of our famous French socks!