3R Technologie



Since its creation, 3R technologie has positioned itself as a trusted partner for public or private companies whose main vocation is not to manage projects, IT resources and IT skills. In a context of international news dominated by digital transformation and cybersecurity risks, the initial positioning of 3RTechnology as an expert on all innovative technologies to counter the risks and threats incurred by the information systems of its customers by providing robust and tailored solutions through several areas of expertise. These are in particular:

The development pole

Design of solutions adapted to the business needs both on the ergonomic aspects and on the aspects of coverage of the processes and activities of the company.

The configuration & virtualization and Cloud pole

Cloud computing, configuration and virtualization of servers, virualization of stations, virtualization of application platforms.

The network, telecommunication and telephony pole

Radio and VSAT interconnection, professional WiFi coverage, pylon installation, copper and fiber optic network cabling, VoIP and video conference installation.

The security pole

Audit of technical and security infrastructures, integration of security solutions, consulting and support for security (internal and external penetration tests, application, architecture audit, configuration audit, application source code audit), organizational audit, cybersecurity risk analysis, design of secure and efficient architecture.

The training pole

International training and certification with PECB, EC-Council/Training 3R for information system professions.

The technical architecture design, realization and certification of Datacenter pole

Design and implementation, fitting out and upgrading to standards, audit and certification, audit and certification of Dactacenter infrastructures.