The CFAI/AFPI Loire-Drôme-Ardèche Training Center

Created by and for companies, the Loire-Drôme-Ardèche Training Center brings together the CFAI for apprenticeship training and the AFPI for continuing education and professionalization of employees and job seekers.

The CFAI-AFPI Training Center has been assisting companies in their development for over 30 years and brings together under the same banner all the players in the employment-training network of the UIMM Loire and the UIMM Drôme-Ardèche for :

  • Apprenticeship training

  • Professional training contract

  • Continuing education for employees

  • Training for job seekers

The Industrial Apprentice Training Center (CFAI) currently welcomes 1,400 young people between the ages of 15 and 30, at three sites located in Saint-Étienne, Roanne and, since 2020, in Valence, as well as in partner establishments, and trains young people from the CAP to the bac + 5".

In the IT and networks field:

BTS in computer science - Networks and software applications.

Technical and managerial skills for project management.

Training for information systems managers.

Each year, the Loire-Drôme-Ardèche Training Center also trains more than 3,000 employees and job seekers, either as part of professional retraining or to strengthen their skills or develop new ones.

The Pôle Formation Loire-Drôme-Ardèche has 3 sites on its territory equipped with technical facilities dedicated to training corresponding to local industrial companies

  • 2 in the Loire department in Saint-Etienne and Roanne-Mably
  • 1 in the Drôme department in Valence

Work-study training:

Throughout their training, the apprentice alternates half of their time at the training center and the other half in the company, benefiting from a salaried status and therefore receiving a salary each month.

The Pôle Formation CFAI / AFPI is a success rate of 87%.

Apprenticeship at the Pôle Formation is above all a gas pedal for young people’s access to employment with a professional integration rate of 87% 6 months after obtaining the diploma.

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