Digicomp is your partner for further vocational training. Over 900 training courses in 7 categories in the fields of computer science, communications, management and IT address the challenges of everyday working life. We offer further training and services designed to help your company increase its productivity, drive innovation and provide ongoing development opportunities for your employees.

Digicomp courses increase measurable productivity in the workplace. More than 90% of our course participants confirm 60 days after the course, that the seminar has accelerated their daily work. That’s why since the founding of Digicomp in 1978 about 350'000 employees of 25'000 large and small companies participated in 60'000 courses.

250 trainers from practice guarantee the optimal implementation of the learned in practice. Our 900 seminars, 70 courses and 20 bootcamps cover the practical challenges of the workplace in seven areas of information science, communication, leadership and IT-related topics.

Come to our «Oasis of education»: modern educational centers with comfortable facility, hot coffee, fresh croissants and crisp fruit in the heart of the largest Swiss cities.

96% of our students rate us satisfied, very satisfied or even enthusiastic.

Facts & Figures:

  • Training for professional practice
  • 96% satisfaction
  • Immediate productivity gains at 90% of participants
  • Founding year: 1978
  • Employees: 70
  • Course leader: 250
  • 4,000 courses with 25,000 seminar participants per year
  • 50 course rooms at 7 locations
  • Innovative learning forms: virtual
  • Quality Certifications: Recognized for Excellence 4 Star 2015 according to EFQM, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 29990:2010, eduQua
  • Manufacturer certifications: Microsoft, Citrix, VMware, Adobe and many more