The ESAIP is a school of engineers recognized by the CTI, a superintendent and a center of continuing education. We deliver several diplomas, including 2 in Computer Science: “Computer Engineer and Networks” as well as “Master International Project Manager in Computer and Networks”.

For both our Cybersecurity courses and our ongoing training, we are proud to own and use Hynesim virtualization technology that enables us to create and deploy virtual environments for our students. These can then practice the tools seen in progress in realistic attack scenarios accompanied by the trainer. In addition to our investment in both initial and ongoing cybersecurity training, we are actively trying to raise awareness of cybersecurity issues: teacher-researcher conferences, student and staff awareness raising, Hackerspace, etc.


Noël D. – ECSA:

“The formula proposed at ESAIP, combining a theoretical course in the morning with an afternoon practice is quite appropriate.

Beyond the interest of this training, logical continuation of the CEH, to have the opportunity to work challenges by having a trainer who can be with us is an undeniable asset for a better understanding of expectations, objectives and allows to acquire a good methodology for future implementation.

Enchanted by the quality of the training and the trainer, I can only strongly recommend it.”

François-Xavier B. – ECSA:

“Delighted with the ECSA training at ESAIP, the organization was very good and the schedules pleasant (counting the salvation breaks). The availability of the premises / equipment outside the training hours was very appreciable. The side course in the morning and manipulation in the afternoon is a plus in this training at a steady pace. Finally, a proficient level of competence and good explanations from the trainer made it a pleasant experience.”