Exclusive Networks



Company presentation:

Exclusive Networks is a global specialist in trusted cybersecurity for digital infrastructures, supporting users and organizations towards a 100% trusted digital future. Our distinctive approach to distribution offers partners more opportunities and more relevance to customers. Our specialized expertise is our strength: it enables our partners to leverage cutting-edge technologies and innovative business models to access unprecedented opportunities. Our global history is guided by our “Services First” ideology: we focus on innovation and disruption to maximize our partners' value. We have offices in 40 countries and service capabilities in more than 150 countries on five continents. Our unique “sell locally, scale globally” model combines the precision of local service by independent partners with the power of global distribution.

About the Exclusive Training Centre (ETC):

The Exclusive Training Centre (ETC) is the home of Exclusive Networks' training services. The ETC provides centralized access to our expert training program. This program, led by our in-house accredited expert trainers, is available worldwide. With Exclusive Networks, you get the highest standards in technical training on cybersecurity technologies and solutions. Cybersecurity skills are scarce: by investing in your skills and those of your teams, you can stand out from your competitors. By deepening your knowledge and staying current on all the latest technologies in the industry, you can become the trusted advisor your customers need. You’ll be able to build strong relationships with them, both short and long term. You’ll also gain a better understanding of vendor products and solutions so that as your customers develop their cybersecurity infrastructure, you’ll be able to better advise them and generate additional revenue. Finally, with CTE, you’ll be able to maintain and even enhance your vendor partnership status, so you can enjoy the benefits associated with it. Through ETC, end users can gain credibility with their colleagues and peers. They can also learn how to get the most out of the solutions they use, and even discover how they can complement their technology investments with complementary solutions.