THE ISO SISTEMI TRAINING BUSINESS UNIT is a permanent structure dedicated to training, consultancy and development of innovative training technologies. The BU is born from the decennial proficiency of experts, specialized in the design and delivery of training interventions in the classroom and online.

THE ISO SISTEMI DIDACTIC METHODOLOGY is carried out according to criteria such as the formative monitoring of the project such as: Needs analysis, Entry test for skills verification, Delivery of the course, Exit test for verification of acquired skills.

THE ISO SISTEMI DIDACTIC METHODOLOGY is carried out according to structured criteria that allow the complete formative monitoring of the project starting from the needs analysis, going to the entrance tests for the skills verification, the delivery of the course, up to the tests exit for the verification of acquired skills.

TEACHERS, qualified and certified, are chosen based on strict selection criteria. They are specialists in the field (at international level, researchers, educational experts, editors and specialized tutors), their practical approach and their ability to manage interpersonal relationships, combined with our methodology, ensures the effectiveness of results.

ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION. Iso Sistemi is certified ISO 9001: EA 33, 39 and 37 for the planning and delivery of training activities.

PARTNERSHIP EC-COUNCIL. Iso sistemi is an EC-COUNCIL partner since 2017.

THE CLASSROOMS. In addition to its classrooms, Iso Sistemi makes use of partnerships to support training throughout the national and international territory, offering guaranteed logistic structures in the cities of Genoa, Rome, Milan, Turin, Pisa, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Piacenza, Pescara, Bari, Naples, Palermo. If the customer requests it, it is possible to organize training sessions in other cities.

OUR CUSTOMERS. Our training support is mainly dedicated to Information Technology but does not stop there. In fact it covers several sectors and is required by important companies both in Italy and abroad, with whom we have started multi-year collaborations on various business areas. To report some of the most significant we can mention Retail, Health, Industry, Transport, Insurance, Services, Education, Energy and Automation.