IT Institute is the advanced information technology training center specializing in delivering the official courses of major and most recognized methodologies and frameworks for IT, process improvement and software engineering.

IT Institute offers a complete set of Cybersecurity certifications including CEH Certified Ethical Hacker, CHFI Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator, ECSA Certified Security Analyst, ECSP Certified Secure Programmer Java, CND Certified Network Defender and CAST612 Advanced Mobile Forensics and Security.


Luis C. – CEH:

“It is a very good course for initiating within the hacker’s world and acquiring the basis knowledge to give our clients the solutions they need”

Julian P. – CEH:

“Very interesting, because it offers a very complete view of the techniques and tools of ethical hacking “

Alberto M. – CHFI:

“The CHFI course has provided me with a clear vision of the fundamental aspects in the investigation and treatment of IT security incidents information that are fundamental to know better; To avoid them in the future and to defend yourself legally with guarantees, it is a Perfect complement to the CEH course; they show action and reaction to the threats and helps closing the computer security gap “

Alba L. - CND:

“The course covers the general expectations of network security and provides very useful tools in the day to day of who we are dedicated to this. “