KEYCE Informatique: What is it?

We offer a certificating course in Computer Science on our campus in Montpellier.

We accept students as soon as they have passed their baccalauréat (all disciplines) and support them until they have passed their 5 years of higher education.

It is possible to join our course in the 1st, 3rd or 4th year after the Bac.

Our Bac +3 (work-study) and Bac +5 (initial and work-study training) diplomas are registered with the RNCP, and are therefore recognized by the French government.

KEYCE Academy is part of the Collège de Paris group.

This higher education group has more than 5,000 students/year spread over 16 schools, 15 State-recognized degrees, registered with the RNCP, representative offices in China, India and Africa, more than 400 agents worldwide and 15 partner universities.

Our training itself. The training is technical, versatile and professional:

Technical, Because from the first year, we teach very precisely how to build a website or how to manage a company’s information system and network servers. The modules are spread over several years to ensure a real increase in skills and expertise.

Versatile, Because throughout the course, different modules are available: networks, web, software and mobile development, databases, management of an Information System, project management, team management, entrepreneurship, etc…

A very big focus is also made on Cybersecurity with advanced courses on this subject during the 5 years with as a result the free and official E.C.I.H. (EC-Council Incident Handler) and C.E.H. Certifications. (Certified Ethical Hacking).

The technologies of today and tomorrow are those taught at KEYCE Informatique: Big Data, Cloud Computing, Docker, Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Internet of Things (I.O.T.),…

There are a lot of projects to be done in groups to ensure great synergy and to get used to collaborative work, like the one we find in companies.

More information on course content at this link:

Professionalizing, Because KEYCE Informatique wants to be very close to the business world. Thus the courses are renewed every year to integrate the latest technologies required on the job market.

During the 5 years at KEYCE Informatique, it is possible to do up to 10 internships in companies and to work on a work-study basis from the 3rd year (under a professionalization contract or an apprenticeship contract). These long periods of immersion in a company ensure the best job opportunities for our students.

Additional benefits every year:

Beyond a training that allows students to obtain state certified diplomas, KEYCEInformatique offers to its students to take each year 1 official editor certifications (Microsoft, Linux, Google, Oracle, Cisco, Amazon Web Service, C.A.P.M. (Certified Associate in Project Management), Voltaire Certification, TOEIC and, as mentioned above, the C.E.H. and the E.C.I.H.

At KEYCE Informatique, students, whether they are in initial training or in work-study programs, are offered each year a 2-week international trip with a 2nd official technical certification on the spot. In 2019-2020, the destination is the USA with the city of Washington!

Thus, at KEYCE Informatique, students specialize each year by choosing the certifications they wish to take.

The editors themselves are committed to the students' skills and specialization.

It is therefore possible to complete your course in KEYCE Informatique with, in addition to your diplomas, 10 official certifications!

Optimized teaching conditions:

  • Our campus is on a human scale and accessible by tramway.
  • Limit of 25 students per class, to guarantee the quality of the teaching offered.
  • 100% of courses and assessments are done directly on the computer.
  • 100% of the courses are given exclusively by professionals who experience technology on a daily basis.

They spend time with each student to make sure that the theoretical notions, that the keys, have been well understood and on the practical parts that everyone has succeeded in doing the proposed exercises.

Beyond the courses themselves, KEYCE Informatique is also and above all a community, the KEYCE Academy community.

Twice a year, all KEYCE Computer Science and other KEYCEAcademy classes (Tourism and Business School) work together on a common project.

The e-business games are an opportunity for students to get to experience life in a company: The objective is to reproduce business situations between an HR, sales, accountant, IT developer and network administrator.

The students have a week of intensive work, as in a hackaton, with the objective to present their report in front of a jury of professionals.

At KEYCE Informatique, we are among passionate people.

The values we advocate are those of mutual help, complementarity, sharing passion, knowledge and know-how.

It is through these values and strong links with the business world that the KEYCE Academy network was founded more than 25 years ago.