NTIC Expertise



Acronym of “New Information Technology and Communication - Experience” is a company founded in 2009. Through his work, NTIC could be recognized as a reliable player in information security in Luxembourg and even Europe.

NTIC-Expertise is looking to help clients, regardless of their sector (public, financial and private) to govern, manage and protect their information against disclosure, manipulation or unavailability.

With experience in engineering and science, we can find an economically viable solution to meet the individual needs of customers. For this, NTIC-Expertise develops research projects, application of standards, controls information security techniques in the areas of Information Systems Management, risk management, network security, cryptography to protect sensitive installations, Forensic analysis, etc.

A team of internationally recognized experts “partners” in the technical and organizational areas focused on Information Security, Risk Management of IT services, governance, project management, …
The development of information systems represents important investments that have to be able to measure and optimize. This is the key to the success of the Organization.