Since the beginning, Overnet Education has been an official training partner for most of Italian companies, which appreciate quality, professionalism and credibility, built for the last 25 years of experience, started with Mondadori Informatica Education.

The company chose the knowledge sharing as its core business, building its identity on research and innovation, on seriousness and precision to select the trainers, on the desire to welcome new requests from clients and transform them into professional growth opportunities. With this in mind Overnet offers updated contents, prepared trainers, flexibility and imagination as each client has its personal needs.

Overnet Education mainly operates in the information technology area, it’s an authorized and certified center for most vendors in the IT environment and it constantly invests to update its offers. Overnet Education is a certification center for VUE, Prometric, ITAF, EXIN.

Some figures:

  • 6 locations: Milano, Bologna, Roma, Geneva, Napoli, Torino
  • +100 trainers:
  • +7500 courses per year
  • +1000 courses in catalogue
  • Overnet organizes for more than 20 years the Milano WPC.


G C. – CEH:

« The trainer explained very well the methods to implement security measures in IT environments. The topic is really wide from a technical point of view but it’s also interesting to understand how it works behind. »

R.F. – CEH:

« Wonderful experience, as practical as theoretical. The trainer has been completely able to provide a complete vision of security giving us useful advices to apply the ethical hacking techniques in the real world. »

L.T. – CEH:

« We had wonderful labs at your disposal to learn techniques and theory taught by a very good trainer. The instructor knowledge on the topic is obvious, I have also been pleasantly surprised by the deep communication skills of the trainer. »

E.B. – CEH:

« The training was very interesting, with the right balance between practical and theory. The trainer was very available in addition to be very well prepared. »