IT Training is our core business. We have the skills, the people and the infrastructures to create large and complex training projects, aiming large publics, everywhere in Italy.

PCS, founded in 1983, created PCSNET in 2011, National Network of ICT Training and Certification. We have now trained more than 200.000 persons and made more than 100.000 days of training. We are partners with the biggest IT organisms and we are also an Authorized Certification Center for PearsonVUE and NexTec, in addition to EC-Council, obviously.

Our Training Offer is developed in different ways: Company courses calendar, On-demand courses, Individual courses, Professional Certification Master, “System and Environment of continuing education”.

These courses are given: in training Class, in remote Class (Virtual Classroom) and E-learning.

This offer includes many technological areas, linked to vendors or to the Open Source world, as well on technical courses as methodological.

Among the other services offered by PCSNET we highlight: Knowledge Assessment to create homogeneous and/or to check the knowledge acquired during the course, Support to manage the IT space of the client, “Technology Skills Upgrade” intended for IT technicians, Job Role Training, Trainer Training and Support to manage funded projects.

PCSNET provides its client with the largest flexibility and availability, going from the logistical point of view to the pedagogical one, always in order to meet the customer’s requirements.

The PCSNET Network includes 10 offices (Roma, Milan, Turin, Verona, Bologna, Pisa, Macerata, Perugia, Naples and Catania), 30 course Rooms and Hundreds of certified trainers.

PCSNET is working on a “theoretical-practical” pedagogical model, incorporating workshops and labs. Every PCSNET course, just as alphabetization as informatic specialization, provides with an efficient teaching, which, based on technological specificities, revolves on awareness, information, demonstration, operation, synthesis and consolidation phases.

The experience acquired by PCSNET (highlighted by company numbers) and the choice of working with experienced and recognized trainers allowed the hoarding of qualitative aspects inherent to the pedagogical methodology and the course organization management, which are essential for a successful course.

Here are our Morals:

The Logical and Technological Growth must go together
Dialog and Communication make the Learning easier
Developing the Potential is one of our constant goal
Technologies are tools to improve Life Quality
Constructive Criticism improves Service
Your success adds value to our work
The Training is also a Detachment
The student is our host
36 Years of Experience
Each course is unique
Knowledge Sharing
Training Action

PCS (PCSNET Roma) is ISO certified since 2003 to give Training courses on IT technologies (IAF 37).

Dgroove (PCSNET Nord-Est) is ISO certified for Consulting Services, ICT Training, RH Development and Management (IAF 33, 37).

Our Clients, just to mention few of the significant ones, may be large public institutions (Republic Presidency, Council Presidency, Chamber of Congressman, varied Ministries, Italian Bank) just as large corporations operating in IT (Almaviva, Engineering, Leonardo, Sogei) or other organizations (AIFA, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, INPS, Autostrade, Ferrovie dello Stato, Istituto Poligrafico et Zecca dello Stato, ICCREA et BCC, CONSAP, Groupama, ACI Informatica, Italtel, Promofarma, Lottomatica, Intralot, Mercedes Benz Italia, Cassa Forense, Cassa Geometri).


F.T. – CEH:

« The technics and exercises offered in this course are current and numerous. The training cost is significant but worth it. Thanks to this training I can go back in my company, to improve the current protections and allow us to avoid some nice cryptolockers that in the past have already stopped our production. »

C.D. – CEH:

« This course helped me understanding important topics of inherent security in my job. The trainer has been very well prepared, as from the technical point of view as pedagogical. »

A.P. – CEH:

« Excellent trainer on a very interesting course. »