Virtual Network Entreprise (VNE) has the skills and a large experience adapted to the customers’ requirements. It has become the contact point of several private and public companies in order to identify the needed skills and also to support and maintain the systems and technologies used everyday.

The main objective of VNE is to be able to answer to all IT needs, whatever it can be.

The company improved itself in the following fields:

  • Distributing Informatic and Electrical Hardwares
  • Protecting data and information systems
  • Consulting and Technical Assistance
  • Training and Certification

We are a certification center with international editors such as:

  • Pearson Vue
  • Kryterion
  • Nextec Inc.

VNE is working in compliance with a Quality Charter in order to insure and to measure the performance and the Customer satisfaction:

✓ Deep analysis of the needs
✓ Precise solutions provided
✓ The respect of the different commitments
✓ Good conduct of projects by the Consultant
✓ Relevant advices during the working relation
✓ Conviviality
✓ A tested methodology, adapted and regularly updated
✓ A constant communication
✓ The quality of information provided