Certified Cybersecurity Technician

Level I - Cyber Novice


Course Description

The C|CT is an entry-level cybersecurity program, engineered by EC-Council, to address the global need and demand for cybersecurity technicians with strong foundational skills. C|CT is focused on hands-on practice, with more than 50% of training time dedicated to labs. EC-Council’s C|CT certification immerses students in well-constructed knowledge transfer.

This training is accompanied by critical thinking tasks and immersive lab exercises that allow candidates to apply their knowledge and move into the skill development phase in the class itself. It offers a multifaceted approach that incorporates network defense, ethical hacking, and security operations to ensure that certification holders have a strong, well-rounded background that enables them to configure, analyze, and identify problems within an organization.

Upon completing the program, C|CT-certified professionals will have a strong foundation in cybersecurity principles and techniques as well as hands-on exposure to the tasks required in real-world jobs.

Who Should Attend

The C|CT is ideal for anyone looking to start their career in cybersecurity or add a strong foundational understanding of the cybersecurity concepts and techniques required to be effective on the job. The course is especially well suited to :

  • Early-career IT professionals, IT managers, career changers, and career advancers
  • Students and recent graduates

CCT Course – Certified Cybersecurity Technician

  • Module 01 : Information Security Threats and vulnerabilities
  • Module 02 : Information Security Attacks
  • Module 03 : Network Security Fundamentals
  • Module 04 : Identification, Authentication, and Authorization
  • Module 05 : Network Security Controls: Administrative Controls
  • Module 06 : Network Security Controls: Physical Controls
  • Module 07 : Network Security Controls: Technical Controls
  • Module 08 : Network Security Assessment Techniques and Tools
  • Module 09 : Application Security
  • Module 10 : Virtualization and Cloud Computing
  • Module 11 : Wireless Network Security
  • Module 12 : Mobile Device Security
  • Module 13 : Internet of Things (IoT) and Operational Technology (OT) Security
  • Module 14 : Cryptography
  • Module 15 : Data Security
  • Module 16 : Network Troubleshooting
  • Module 17 : Network Traffic Monitoring
  • Module 18 : Network Log Monitoring and Analysis
  • Module 19 : Incident Response
  • Module 20 : Computer Forensics
  • Module 21 : Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
  • Module 22 : Risk Management