Sysdream was founded by two IT security consultants and a community of editors for a newspaper published in the press (Hackerz Voice & Hackademy Journal), in order to satisfy the growing demand for training and auditing (tests Intrusion) from the point of view of the attacker made by companies with a high need in security.

Since 2004, Sysdream has surrounded itself with the best technical profiles in this field thanks to the community of hackers (White Hat) initiated by one of its founders. All are actively involved in public research efforts (publication of safety alerts and technical articles), technological monitoring and development of innovative tools.

The results of this research are mainly published on international search portals (securityfocus, exploitdatabase, packetstorm, etc.) and in numerous specialized publications and magazines (MISC, etc.). The speakers of Sysdream have become privileged consultants to the media on all matters related to this field.

Being aware of the rapid evolution of new technologies, Sysdream mainly recruits its consultants in relation to their passion and their technical level in this field.

The clients for which Sysdream is involved today in the fields of technical auditing and training are both large companies and state companies as well as SMEs in France and abroad.

We train more than 1000 professionals per year (technicians, consultants, RSSI, technical teams of major companies: Ministry of Defense, DGA) and carry out about 20 technical audits per month.

Our team is made up of consultants sensitized to the techniques of attacks and defense of the Information Systems. This allows us to better advise our customers on the security solutions to bring to their S.I.

Sysdream proposes to involve experienced consultants with the following certifications: CEH, CISSP, CISA, ECSA / LPT, CHFI, OFFENSIVE SECURITY. The latter guarantee a level of expertise necessary for the performance of advanced safety audits.

Our research and technological monitoring laboratory allows us to develop and test new audit tools in situation and provides our clients with the warranty of an ever-deepening expertise.

The Laboratory, audit and training are the three pillars of our society. Each entity benefits the other; The test laboratory is in regular exchange with the field allowing an effective transfer of skills to the security managers.

Sysdream is a completely independent company, face to face with editors of hardware or software solutions. This guarantees our customers a perfect objectivity in our recommendations and technical choices.


Daniel P. – CISSP:

“I did this training with the intent of certifying myself CISSP within 3-4 months.
The training went very well. The trainer himself has a strong experience in the field of security and has given us all his knowledge with clear examples.
Here are the strengths and weaknesses in my personal opinion.


  • Comprehensive vision of IT security.\
  • Global recognition of CISSP certification.\
  • Evolution towards IT security management Worldwide.\
  • A lot of material and pedagogical help.

Weak points:

  • Topics are discussed quickly given the density of topics to be studied in a week.

Concerning the premises:

  • Very good location in Levallois.\
  • Access from public transport quite easily.\
  • Times very adapted.\
  • The restoration remains for me the big weak point.\ A training at this price could largely ensure a restoration in a very correct restaurant and not a canteen company.
  • Air conditioning / heating did not work well. Sometimes it was too hot, and sometimes it worked.

Training to recommend. “